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Nintendo updates the firmware to version 4.0!

nintendo wii modification

UPDATE! The Wii 4.0 console can be modified via software

It's fresh news and sooner or later it had to happen: Nintendo has released an update for the firmware of his Wii console that comes to the version 4.0

Let's see together the news of this update:

  • Support for SDHC cards up to 32 GB
  • Adding the SD channel to start games directly from the inserted SD or SDHC card
  • Menu update to copy saves from the console tab
  • Ability to download titles from the Wii Shop directly to the SD card
  • Small cosmetic updates to the Wii menu

and then ? bad news to change the software with version 4.0

  • The possibility of using the installer of theHomeBrew Channel is DVDX 3.4
  • Unable to copy Zelda TP save for Twilight Hack (all versions)
  • Edit / Add IOS16 IOS38 IOS60 and IOS61. The IOS16 in particular is used by the Custom Wad Manager (which therefore will not work).

Who already has a cIOS (that of Waninkoko, installed for SoftChip and Backup Launcher) will be able to continue to start backup copies and eventually even downgrade to the previous version with cIOS Downgrader.

I want to clarify that this is news not entirely confirmed and above all not verified by the undersigned (who has not updated to version 4.0). The Board of don't update (there are no vital features) and all those who want to modify version 4.0 must wait for future developments (which will not be long in coming).