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MW San Francisco 07: the first gallery

Our correspondents at Macworld have arrived at their destination. During the night they took the first series of night images of a city that is preparing for an event of great proportions

Clicking here you can see the huge series of billboards that dot the streets of San Francisco, the exterior and interior of Moscone and some images of the very popular Apple Store.

It is a starter of the fair to which everyone looks with great interest and on which many questions are asked.

Will it be the Macworld of the iPhone or simply an update of the Apple range with iMac and MacPro with duplicate "core" equipment or, in the case of Mac mini, enhanced? Will a full screen iPod finally arrive? In addition to the now certain iLife 07 will there be an iWorks with spreadsheet? What news will there be in the field of servers and podcasts? And what will be the most interesting products of the "third parties"?

To find out, it will be necessary to wait until January 9th even if some anticipation on non-Apple products will probably come in the next few hours.

The appointments, as far as we are concerned, are for the daily news on the site but also for the highlight of the beginning of the year, the opening speech by Steve Jobs at 6pm on January 9th. Macitynet as it does for years follow the keynote live (there is no longer streaming video in real time) and then immediately provide you with images and information on new products with bitten apple.

To access the keynote without reloading the main page from 18 to 20 on Tuesday 9 January, visit this page.

For those wishing to know a little bit of preview news and perhaps scroll through last year's with galleries and special services, we refer you to our page dedicated to MacWorld San Francisco: start here.

For any problems due to excessive traffic we will post our news on the "blog of support": MacProf Blog that in the next few hours will show you some glimpses of San Francisco before the start of the Expo.