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Magisk vs SuperSU: what is the best method for root on Android

Magisk has replaced SuperSU on thousands of Android devices, but the best way to run root permissions on Android in 2018? In this post we will compare two systems, Magisk vs SuperSU to find out which is the best method to run root on Android in 2018.

Android the most used operating system on mobile devices worldwide. Since its inception, Android has greatly improved, becoming increasingly secure. Although the Android operating system, in its original form, is highly customizable, rooting solutions give users greater privileges to modify their phones. Root solutions have existed since the inception of the Android ecosystem, allowing development enthusiasts to transform this operating system into what they wanted.

For those who have no idea what root permissions are, the root term comes from the Linux OS. Android as a Linux extension and the term root has also been replicated for the Android system. The purpose of the root is the same on both Linux and Android, that is, to allow users to freely access the operating system files to modify it and make it closer to their needs.

Android users root the phone to get various outputs. Access to the root paves the way for some really useful applications that can completely modify an Android phone. Users can change the user interface, they can also improve the performance of their phone. The CPU of an Android phone can be overclocked or underclocked. Some users have taken the opportunity to perform battery optimization by playing Android system files. Some of the greatest functions provided by root access are applications such as Titanium Backup and Greenify. But there is a very long list of apps for phones with root that can improve your Android experience.

Superuser vs SuperSU

Magisk vs SuperSU

In the good old days, the developers had developed apps that dealt with all aspects of the Android system. A custom recovery called ClockworkMod was developed for Android. This recovery helped users to install Superuser,the tool that made it possible to obtain root phone permissions easily. Superuser was developed by Koush, the boy behind ClockworkMod Recovery while SuperSU was developed by Chainfire, who is also known as the "God of the root" of the Android world.

The SuperSU reputation

Magisk or SuperSU 1

Both Superuser that SuperSU they offered almost the same functionality, but SuperSU turned out to be more famous due to the continuous updates and its stability. With the release of each new version of Android, Chainfire has updated its SuperSU package allowing it to run smoothly. Chainfire also presented a package CF-Autoroot for Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus phones. Users only had to flash this single file on their phone in order to get root permissions. Users needed a custom recovery and file. to get the root permissions of the phone. Samsung and Google Nexus users were quite lucky in this sense, because they had a cooked all-in-one zip file.

Starting with Android Lollipop, Google focused more on Android security. Since Google released Android Marshmallow, it has tried to prevent users from rooting their phones. Security updates have forced developers to fix some of the root methods. Chainfire had to upgrade its SuperSU to work with the new Android system. However, it was evident that Google continued to oppose root access.

SuperSU acquired by a Chinese company and Google introduced SafetyNet

In 2015, a Chinese company bought SuperSU from Chainfire. However, Chainfire had announced that he continued to work on SuperSU in collaboration with the company for a couple of years. At this stage, SuperSU still worked well. And then came 2016, when Google introduced SafetyNet. SafetyNet a form of protection introduced by Google with the purpose of limiting the applications to work on phones with root. From that moment on, problems started for developers and users who wanted to get root on their phones.

Birth of Magisk

Magisk or SuperSU 2

In October 2016, the famous developer XDA topjohnwu has released a script called Magisk. The script was able to bypass SafetyNet and lay the groundwork for systemless root permissions on Android phones. Magisk gave Android a new life, while users were realizing the likely closure of SuperSU, which was getting closer.

Magisk became famous when it allowed Pokemon Go to play on Android phones with root permissions. Magisk also manages to hide apps that refuse to run on Android phones with root, allowing them to function normally. With Magisk Manager users with root are allowed to install many mods. Today there are thousands of modules available for Magisk Manager that can apply a myriad of customizations on the Android phone.

SuperSU updates blocked

Meanwhile, Chainfire has continued to update SuperSU for the systemless root. But the period in which support was guaranteed and therefore the updates of SuperSU by Chainfire were ending. In fact, in May 2018, in his post on Google+, Chainfire announced that he was retiring. The withdrawal of Chainfire does not mark the end of SuperSU, SuperSU still working perfectly on millions of Android phones, but will not see any more updates, as well as other root applications of Chainfire. The developer now working on other projects.

SuperSU and Magisk in 2018

So, at the moment we're writing this post, there are two more popular solutions for getting root, Magisk and SuperSU permissions. For, since the birth of Magsik, many users have opted for this solution and no longer rely on SuperSU. So, if you're about to run your Android phone's root for the first time, the only question that tickles your mind, which tool you should use. The answer to this question is very simple and will only indicate a few points to explain it.

Magisk vs SuperSU

SuperSU Magisk
Systemless Root arrived only later. Systemless Root
SuperSU – Limited Control Magisk Manager – Extended control on root behavior.
It only runs the root on the phone and does nothing else. Magisk Modules – Install thousands of modules to modify the phone.
Acquired by the Chinese company called CCMT It is managed by topjohnwu and a number of Android fans
Bypass SafetyNet after the Suhide version, took longer. Bypass Safety Net with its initial version.
Closed source Open Source – Updated frequently.

Conclusion: SuperSU was / a legend, but Magisk was the winner in 2018

After Chainfire has withdrawn SuperSU, it is clear that this script will not see further updates. At some point, SuperSU may stop working and disappear permanently. On the other hand, the development of Magisk is getting better and better, now also supporting the beta of Android P development. Considering how easy Magisk is for Android users, it is not wrong to say that Magisk remains for at least a decade the best tool to get root permissions.