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Logitech X-240, 2.1 system with ipod satellite dock base

Logitech, always in first row in the production of iPod accessories, launches the X-240 a new docking system for the Cupertino mp3 player with satellite dock. The 2.1 system (2 speakers pi soobwoofer) in fact equipped with a base dock, this time separated from the remaining body of the hi-fi.

Square style and dry lines, aesthetically the system develops in height, with average dimensions: 17.5 cm X 6.6 cm X 9.6 cm for the speakers; 22 cm X 15 cm X 22 cm the soobwoofer.

The iPod is inserted on the base dock, which can be used either connected to the speaker, to listen to music, either through its own USB cable to synchronize the contents, or the power cable to charge the mp3 player. On the base there are also the volume controls. The Logitech docking system compatible with any iPod model, even if only iPods with a dock connector will be directly connectable from the base.

In addition to the iPod, the base dock is also compatible with Microsoft's Zune; then it is possible to connect other devices to the system, such as mp3 players, mobile phones or PDAs, through an additional line-in. There is also an audio output for headphones or earphones, in case you want to listen to your music in "private" mode.

If instead you want to test the sound power of the X-240 in pure freedom, the 15 W RMS of the soobwoofer is to be added to the 5 W RMS for each speaker, for a peak calculated around 50 W.

Hi-fi is expected to arrive in Europe next May, at a price of around 50 euros.