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iWorkout: iPod becomes your personal trainer

Personal trainers? antiquated now! Today the personal trainer is no longer needed; enough an iPod video and the Helmes Innovations iWorkout software, an application that turns the Apple mp3 player into a real personal trainer.

The program (in English) will present you a series of useful tips to keep you in shape, taking advantage of all the potential of the latest iPod generation: 101 videos commented to better explain the exercises, the tricks to improve your training and a guide illustrated to fitness.

If your purpose is also to keep the line, surely some basics will be useful to you to understand which diet to follow, or the exercises to perform according to metronome, to intensify your performances. The offer is completed by some summary diagrams of the physical activity and a series of routines to be performed to improve the parts of the body that you will want to develop more.

The activities covered by iWorkout range from heart rate exercises to aerobics; from series and exercises to machines, to stretching; from the pure lifting of weights, to the so-called "swiss ball". Thanks to the ability to watch and replay videos, it really looks like your iPod is a personal trainer.

An original software, recommended for those who want to exploit the opportunities of new technologies also in the fitness field.

The software, available for both Windows (98, NT, 2000, ME and XP), and for Mac Os X (any release), downloadable in demo version from the manufacturer's website. For purchase, the retail price of 19.95 Dollars