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Internet cameras, a boom

Internet cameras, a boom logomacitynet1200wide 1

The market for "desk" cameras, those that are used by consumer users to connect to computers for streaming and live on the Internet, in constant growth. According to an IDC survey, to which Maccentral now refers, the segment within the end of the year will have grown by 300% compared to 1999. To mark the success with the greatest percentage of growth, 300%, in fact, Europe. In the USA, on the other hand, the highest number of devices sold will be registered. Now, according to IDC, for the major world producers (Logitech, Intel and Xirlink) it is a question of finding a formula to further increase the spread of these devices. In particular, according to the experts of the survey company, we will have to focus on bundling with computers and developing a service infrastructure. An important contribution, says IDC, could come from FireWire. Improved data transmission speed between computer and camera could push the production of technologically more advanced products.

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