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Instagram turns 5 years old

The photographic social network grew and also became an important information tool. Here are the steps: from the passion for Polaroid to the reports on North Korea


Instagram is now 5 years old: so much served by a social network born out of passion for coming sensational numbers. To celebrate the birthday, let's talk about its evolution with a bit of numbers and facts.

On October 6, 2010 Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, fans of Polaroid style photography, launch their application, initially only for iOS. 2 months later it reaches 1 million members.

In July 2011 they reach each other 100 million photos posted. The next month is 150 million.40 billion, instead, the number of photos that have been shared on Instagram during these five years: on average, they are more than 20 million a day.

After the landing on Android (April 2012) and on Windows Phone (November 2013), Instagram has today 400 million active users per monthand over 75% of people who use it outside the United States.

Other numbers:80 million: photos posted daily on the community, today;3.5 billion: the daily Like;1 billion dollars: the amount spent (more or less) by Mark Zuckerberg to buy Instagram and its development team of 13 employees. In proportion, one of the richest acquisitions in history.

Instagram likes celebrities.

David Beckham used it to celebrate his fortieth birthday and become the fastest to reach 1 million followers (in one day), Rihannal chose to launch a single teaser, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shared their first kiss after marriage, getting more like everyone in 2014. Even politicians like Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande use it in their communication strategies. But the social photo also matured over time as an important information tool.

The eruption of Calbuco, Hurricane Sandy, Ferguson's Riot were immortalized and told by community users. Photographer Taylor Pemberton used smartphones and Instagram to tell North Korea; and the image of the man crossing a river flooded in New Jersey has become the cover photo of Time.


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