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iLuv i277 and i199: Bluetooth “made for iPod” docking systems.

iLuv launches two interesting "made for iPod" docking systems: i199 and i277. The peculiarity of these two docks lies in the integrated Bluetooth technology. Thanks to this implementation, through the i199 or the i277 it will be possible to send music to other devices (such as speakers, earphones, headphones), or to receive music, for example from mobile phones, computers (Mac or PC) or PDA; sufficient that they are also equipped with Bluetooth technology.

The differences between the two dock systems lie in the multimedia features and in the different chassis. The i199 features an AM / FM radio, clock radio and iPod dock connector, while the i277 also has a CDs player, mp3 CDs. The most squared and massive, while the rounded and tapered.

The remaining features are common: both equipped with jAura stereo speaker 6W of power, they offer a convenient base dock for your iPod, so you can listen to the songs stored in the MP3 player of the Apple and keep it always charged. The package also includes a remote control for remote control and a BluePin connector that makes data transmission via Bluetooth possible.

ILuv systems are compatible with iPod video, iPod 4G and 3G, iPod nano of the first and second generation and iPod mini. In the case of iPod shuffle 1G and 2G, only the mp3 format is supported. There is also an additional line-in, compatible with other audio transmission devices, and a video line-out to be able to watch movies on iPod video.

The package also includes an audio / video cable (3.5 mm to RCA), a 3.5 mm audio cable, an additional AM antenna and some dock adapters. Both models are available in both white and black.

The retail price of 149.99 Dollars for the i277 and 229.99 Dollars for the i199. Dock systems can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's website.

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