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iListen, speech recognition for Italians

iListen, speech recognition for Italians logomacitynet1200wide 1

Disappointed about the missed location of ViaVoice? Did you want a speech recognition software for the Italian language at all costs? All hopes are not lost. MacSpeech comes to your aid. The small, but arrembante, American software house, in fact, confirmed to Macity yesterday that it was planning to localize its software offer for speech recognition and dictation in many foreign languages, including the Italian. In a mail sent to our editorial office, it is reiterated that "our company looks with attention to the international market. For this reason we have prepared a calendar that foresees the release within the first half of the next year of "packs" that will allow the support of foreign languages, including Italian. In this way users who do not speak English will be able to use their language even if the interface of our products is not yet localized. By the end of 2001 the interface will also be located. ?The products referred to by MacSpeech are iDictate, which allows voice dictation in virtually all programs, ListenDo, which allows you to control the Mac only with the use of the voice, and iListen which combines the functionality of the two previous packages. MacSpeech, which announced its intention to enter the field of voice recognition for Mac last July, uses the well-known Philips engine, called FreeSpeech 2000, as the basis of its software which, in addition to that being particularly reliable and precise, based on a modular structure and supporting numerous European languages. In addition to this MacSpeech allows the editing of the dictated text, uses a technique called "TextMacro" which allows you to write entire sentences by saying a single word, has a vocabulary (which can be enriched with additional ones) of 30,000 terms, allows the use of AppleScript, customizable to the needs of several users. MacSpeech announced yesterday the availability on the American iListen market at a price of $ 99 in a downloadable version from the Internet. Microphones and other accessories are also available on the Internet.

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