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iCinema: surround receivers, headphones and iPod dock by Yamaha

The new Yamaha iCINEMA system consists of the RX-V559 receiver, compatible with Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES, Yamaha ToP ART technology and equipped with discrete end capable of delivering 95 watts RMS x 6 channels, dedicated dock station for iPod YDS-10, which allows to reproduce and display the contents of the iPod through the receiver via a single remote control. To integrate the present system, included in the equipment, also the Koss headset optimized to better appreciate the performance of the CME (Compressed Music Enhancer) circuit that improves the quality 'of playing MP3 files.

Receiver RX-V559 has 3 component compatible HDTV video inputs and 6.1 decoders (Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES)

The YDS-10 Dock Station allows the charging of iPod and the production and display of contents using the receiver's remote control with a single connection cable between the dock and amplifier for audio and video

Headset Koss UR10 has closed pavilions for maximum isolation and deep bass with high frequency response. It has an adjustable headband. Headphone frequency response 60-20000 Hz, Sensitivity / Impedance 94 db SPL – 1mW / 32 Ohm

Other data on the receiver. Tuner with 40-memory FM reception, RDS, Auto Preset Tuning

Connections? Inputs – 3 x Optical digital (fixed and assignable)? – 1 x Digital coaxial (fixed and assignable)? – 3 x S-Video? – 4 x Analog A / V? – 2 x Audio? – 3 x Video component (fixed and assignable)? – 1 x Dock terminal YDS-10? – Multichannel-External Decoder 6ch

Outputs – 1 x Analog A / V – 1 x Audio – 1 x S-Video – 1 x Video Monitor – 1 x S-Video – 1 x video monitor – 1 x Subwoofer – Speakers (without subwoofer) 6ch / 8b.

The system is offered in large retail stores for 599 Euros including VAT and is compatible with iPod Mini, nano, click wheels and 4, 5 and 5.5 Generation colors.

For more information we refer to this page IDS = 6 of the Yamaha website. ??