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How to unlock the bootloader on OnePlus 6

In a very crowded market of Android devices, in these years OnePlus has grown with great personality in creating leading devices. Four years have passed since the release of the first OnePlus One and the Chinese technology company has unveiled the flagship 2018, OnePlus 6, which happens to OnePlus 5T. There are many wonderful features of this top-of-the-range premium smartphone at an affordable price, but there is one that can be very useful, and the possibility to unlock the bootloader.

Unlocking the bootloader for OnePlus 6 does not require any special code issued by OnePlus, but there is no guarantee that the device's warranty can be canceled. In either case, the ability to install a custom recovery such as TWRP Recovery and get root on OnePlus 6 might be worth it, so here's the procedure to unlock the bootloader on OnePlus 6.

How to unlock the Bootloader on OnePlus 6

Since in the process of unlocking the bootloader all the data of the device will be deleted, make sure you have created backups of the most important data.

  1. Install and configure ADB and Fastboot on your PC or Mac.
  2. Enable unlocking of OEM is USB debugging on the phone:
    • Go to Phone settings Info on your phone and click seven / ten times on ?Build number". We will enable the developer options on OnePlus 6.
    • Now go to Developer Options and look for the option "Enable OEM unlocking", Select the checkbox next to it.
    • On the same page, select also the USB debugging.unlock the bootloader on OnePlus 6
  3. Connect your phone to the PC with a USB cable and open a Command window on the desktop (Shift + Click right mouse button-> Open Command Window window here or PowerShell).
  4. Restart your OnePlus 6 in the Bootloader / Fastboot mode and type the following command:
adb rebootbootloader

Check the phone screen, if you ask "Allow USB debugging?, Accept it by selecting OK / S.

5. Once the device has booted into the Bootloader mode, issue the following command to finally unlock the bootloader on your OnePlus 6:

fastboot oem unlock

unlock the bootloader on OnePlus 6 adb fastboot

This command will unlock the bootloader on your OnePlus 6 and remember, that while you execute the procedure, all the data on your phone will be completely deleted. So, be sure to back up everything you think is important on your device before unlocking the bootloader.

Once the bootloader is unlocked, OnePlus 6 will reboot automatically. If you require authorization to unlock the bootloader on the device, Accept it. At this point the bootloader on the device will be unlocked and all data on the device will be deleted.

Now the bootloader on OnePlus 6 should be successfully unlocked and you can install / flash a custom recovery such as TWRP Recovery and get root permissions.