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How to switch to the new operator Iliad with a monstrous offer

the new telephone operator arrived in Italy iliad with a very interesting promotion that has received the approval and consent of the users. After an exhaustive conference in which a real comparison was made with the tariffs of the other operators in Italy, iliad presented its offer which is unbelievable. Read on to find out more and find out how to switch to the new operator Iliad.

Discover how to switch to the new operator Iliad

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Iliad's announcement in Italy surprised everyone. The new telephone operator has unveiled its offer, ruining the market, which includes:

  • minutes Unlimited
  • SMS Unlimited
  • 30GB of Internet in 4G + (2GB additional in other European countries)
  • Monthly fee: 5.99

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Included in the offer are also the Telephone Secretariat, Call Me, Call Pick Up, Rate Plan, Hotspot, Residual Credit Control, SuperOption Services S.O.S. Reload, call filter and even the block for hidden numbers. But not everything! As announced, in fact, by the CEO of iliad, the duration of the contract Unlimitedis there are no costs in case of withdrawal or portability. ? 5.99, therefore, which will be fixed and forever: offer up to 5 times cheaper than the competition.

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<p>Note for: the offer, valid for all – both in the case of a new SIM and of passing by another operator – <strong>will remain valid until the first million users are reached</strong>. After, according to some <em>rumors</em>, the price could rise around <strong>10 euros per month</strong> (which will, however, be very interesting and will always remain a fixed and forever share).</p>
<p><strong>Do you want to take advantage of the incredible offer and are you wondering how to switch to iliad?</strong> The offer can be accessed through the official website baster complete the form on the site to activate the offer in a few simple clicks. During registration you can decide to charge the cost on your credit or debit card or, alternatively, pay with the phone credit on the SIM, recharging it from time to time. Once registration is complete, a courier will then take you to bring you the new SIM. Upon arrival you will need to show your ID and sign the contract. When you have the SIM in your hands, you will have to activate it directly from the Iliad website, entering your personal profile. If you have also requested the number portability, you will have to wait another 48 hours to get your number on the new card. For more information and activation times, you can call customer service at the number <strong>177</strong>.</p>
<p><strong>And the cover?</strong>You can check the coverage on the Italian territory by consulting the official map. At least on paper, it looks really good. Obviously, given that iliad just arrived in Italy, we will find out the truth only in the coming weeks. Certainly the Company has invested heavily in this aspect.</p>
<p>To learn more about the quality of the service, I suggest you read our personal experience after activating the Iliad SIM, which you find in this article.</p>
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