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How to recover deleted iPhone contacts

recover deleted iPhone contacts

Did you accidentally delete an important contact from your iPhone? It's a big problem if it belongs to an important client who is waiting for your call. In this case, surely you are spasmodic searching for a method to recover deleted iPhone contacts. Don't worry, becausein this guide I will show you some tricks that will allow you to solve the problem in one way or another. As we said, there are several ways to do this: through iCloud, iTunes, or through a third-party application. Read on to find out how.

Contact lost? Here's how to recover deleted iPhone contacts

Losing a contact stored on your smartphone could be a disaster, whether it's a business contact, a new partner or just an old friend. Fortunately, it is possible to recover numbers lost through backups or specialized apps. In this article I will show you how to recover deleted contacts on iPhone.

Recover deleted contacts on iPhone via iCloud

The easiest and fastest way to recover lost contacts is to restore from iCloud backup. It will not be necessary, in order to perform a complete backup recovery, with the risk of eliminating all new information stored on the smartphone and not yet backed up, but it is possible to restore only the contacts saved on iCloud.

To do this, first you will need to go to the website on your Mac or PC browser and log in to your account and click on the icon.Settings. At this point, at the bottom of the page you will notice a section with a written on itadvanced, where is itthe option will appearRestore contacts.

Once you click on the writing, you will see a pop-up window appear with a list of available files inside it,arranged by date. Select on the archive where the deleted contact should be and then click on the buttonRestoreand then on Confirmation.

Now iCloud will replace the existing contacts with those in the archive and your missing contact should magically reappear inside the Contacts application on your iPhone.

Obviously, the service only works if you have previously enabled the storage on iCloud of your Contacts.

Recover deleted contacts on iPhone by restoring the full backup from iCloud or iTunes

Did you not enable storing your contacts on iCloud? In this case, you can still recover your lost contact by restoring the full backup of your iPhone, from iCloud or from iTunes.

In this case, however, if your backup goes back a long time, you risk losing all the new data stored on the iPhone. Therefore, I advise you to make a new backup before starting the process, so that you can restore the oldest backup with the lost contact, note the number, and then reinstall the most recent backup. A little inconvenient, but at least you don't risk losing new data.

Recover deleted contacts on iPhone via third-party apps

If you do not have a backup with the lost mobile number, there is one last solution. There are several third-party applications that allow data to be recovered on the iPhone. They usually require a PC or Mac, to which you can connect the iPhone and be able to perform the operation.

Among the best software to recover iPhone contacts in circulation there are Dr. Fone (for Mac and PC) or EaseUS MobiSaver (Mac only). Both, unfortunately, paid.

To protect your Contacts from unexpected deletions, I suggest you read the following guide to backup your Contacts from your iPhone.