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How to record a legal phone call on Android

In Italy record a perfectly legal telephone conversation, as long as this is done by those who actively participate in the conversation. In this way we could easily record the most important or interesting calls of our life without running any risk. If you are waiting for an important phone call that you want to keep track of, in this article we will explain how record a legal phone call on Android, thanks to the use of a completely free app.

Record a legal phone call on Android

The Supreme Court of Cassation has established that the recording of a telephone conversation in which one attends legal, as nothing other than a digital memorization of what is normally captured by our hearing during the conversation, exactly as if we were taking written notes of what we hear . Until, therefore, we are "active" members of the conversation, this can easily be recorded.

Conversation is to be done, instead, for wiretapping, ie the recordings of a conversation in which we do not participate and are therefore not "active members". In this last case, in fact, a penal sanction is provided. Furthermore, although it is possible to record a conversation in which we participate, the disclosure of personal information is absolutely prohibited without the consent of the interlocutors.

Having made this necessary premise, it is therefore possible to be able to record legal phone calls to which we participate without having to risk anything, as long as we make a strictly personal use and do not disclose it.record a legal phone call on Android 1

On Android there is an interesting program that allows you to record calls. This is a free app on the Play Store, called "Call recorder". Here's how it works.

Once the application has been downloaded and installed, we follow these steps:

  1. Go toSettings e select the item"Record calls".
  2. Then click on Recording> Audio formatand choose WAV, perfect for reproducing the recording once saved.
  3. We set the audio source to "Mic ".
  4. We close the app and call someone.

Throughout the course of the phone call, the classic red tick of the recorder will be shown in the status bar.record a legal phone call on Android 2

Once the call is finished, all we need to do is select the "New registration "that will appear in the notification bar, or access the app and listen to the file. From the application you can then save it on your smartphone by clicking the "Save" option (you can save the recording as well on the cloud, so as not to take up space on the device's internal memory). The application also allows you to add notes to remind you of what to talk about in the conversation.

There are other methods to record phone calls on Android, I recommend reading this other guide that you find at this link: