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How to install Play Store on Chinese smartphones

install Play Store on Chinese smartphones

Fortunately, not all Chinese smartphones do not have the Google Play Store, only some versions do not have installed when the app store is purchased. When this happens, other Google apps are not usually present, such as Google Maps or Gmail. This is due to the restrictions in China on Google products, which do not allow non-Chinese companies to operate freely in their territory. If you have purchased a Chinese imported Android smartphone and noticed that the Google Play Store and all other Google services are not installed on it, this guide will show you how install Play Store on Chinese smartphones. You must download the Play Store on your phone with the procedure that we will illustrate below and you will be able to enjoy the possibility of installing your favorite apps. Read on to find out how to download Play Store on Chinese smartphones.

How to install Play Store on Chinese smartphones

You don't have to worry, because it is very easy to download the Play Store and the Google Play Services and then install it on the mobile device. You can follow this guide on your Chinese smartphone, be it a Huawei, Xiaomi, UMI or any other imported cinafonino. The road to follow is very simple and involves the automatic installation of the Google ecosystem with all its apps. At the end of the guide, after downloading the Play Store on the Chinese phone, you will be ready to use the Store and Google Play Services on your Android smartphone.

Download Play Store and Google Services

The method you will see below provides for the installation of the Play Store automatically. To do this, just install one application that will perform all the necessary operations on your Chinese Android smartphone.

  • First, make sure your smartphone is enabled to install apps from unknown sources. To do this, go in Settings -> Safety and enables the voice Unknown origins.

Unknown origins

  • Now download the Play Store via the Google Installer APK file directly on your smartphone.
  • At the end of the download, pull down the notifications curtain and select the file Google Installer_3.0.apk just downloaded.

install Play Store 2

  • Select again Google Installer_3.0.apk to start the installation. Click on Install and wait for the operation to finish.
  • Now start the new application just installed. It has an icon similar to the Google Play Store with a Chinese name.
  • Click on the big blue button at the bottom of the screen. This will automatically start the Google apps and services installation process.

install Play Store 3

If any screens appear asking you to install some apps or services, confirm and proceed with the installation. all normal, the app must interact with the operating system to install all Google services.

install Play Store 4

  • At the end of the procedure, a new red button will appear. Click on it to start the Google Play Store installation process. If screens appear asking for permission to continue, you always give your consent.

At this point the Google Play Store and Google Play Services will be installed on your Chinese Android smartphone. You can start downloading your favorite apps directly from the Google store without any kind of restriction.

What to do if the Google Play Store icon does not appear

If the Google Play Store does not yet appear in your apps, then you will have to perform a further procedure, this time manually. Download on your smartphone the latest version of the Google Play Store from this link, click on the notification that warns you of the complete download and proceed to install the Play Store manually. The installation will be successful because you previously installed the Google Play Services, necessary for the Google Play Store to function correctly.


You will now have the Google Play Store icon between your apps and as you may have noticed, install Google Play Store on Chinese smartphones and all the other services connected to it very simple. Just have a simple application installed that takes care of doing all the "dirty" work for us.

If you encounter any problem in the procedure for installing Play Store on your Chinese smartphone, let us know about your difficulties by commenting on this article.