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How to customize the new S pen in Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 brings with it a myriad of updates, however, the biggest is not its massive 4,000 mAh battery, but the new S Pen connected that now Comes with integrated Bluetooth and a super-capacitor . It allows us to act like a wireless remote control, in addition to the traditional stylus that it continues to be.

Now you can use the button on the S Pen to open the camera app and capture images, scroll through the gallery or web pages in Google Chrome, play or pause music and more. While support for S Pen mostly limited to Samsung apps and features right now, third-party developers can soon integrate support for it into their apps.

Ways to customize the pen S

There is plenty of opportunity for S Pen's remote control capabilities to expand beyond its current scope, but until then, let's take a look at how you can customize a myriad of S Pen features:

1. Press and hold to open the apps

If you've heard something about the Galaxy Note 9 S Pen, then you would know that long press the S Pen button will let you open the default camera app . However, it is possible to customize the function or app to be opened when the button is pressed simply by going into "Advanced features> S Pen> S Pen Remote" in the Settings menu.

therefore necessary tap the "Hold pen button up" option to display a list of features and apps you can assign to this action. I usually listen to music and write on the screen simultaneously on web pages, so I assigned Google Play Music to start by holding down the S Pen button. This is one of my favorite features of the new S Pen.

2. Customize the actions of the app

Also, when you scroll down to the "S Pen Remote" settings page, you'll notice that you can customize the actions you can perform for each compatible app like Camera, Chrome, Gallery and Powerpoint. possible select what happens with the single or double press of the S Pen button or deactivate it in a given app.

Take for example the camera app, where you can click on the photos with a "single press" and switch between the front camera and the rear camera with a double default press. However, if you want to open the camera and record a video using the S Pen, you can do it assigning the activity to a "single" or "double" print action .

You will find that the same is the case with all other supported apps, however, the number of actions is rather limited. Google Chrome is the only app other than the camcorder that sports more than two actions, so we hope the open SDK will introduce new app actions (along with the new supported apps).

3. Unlock the phone with S Pen

The ability to unlock your Galaxy Note 9 with the new S Pen is another feature that was made possible this time. Now you can simply press the S Pen button once when the screen locked (and the S Pen is already outside its small cavity and connected to the Galaxy Note 9) to unlock the device.

This function is not enabled by default, therefore Go to the S Pen menu under Settings and tap the "Unblock with S Pen remote" option to make it work.

PS : The S Pen remote control cannot be used to unlock the device when the stylus is removed from the device after the screen is locked since it is no longer connected.

4. Pop-up notes everywhere

We know that by taking out the S Pen when the Galaxy Note 9 screen is locked, the reminder opens and it is now possible to write in the signature color of the S pen itself. However, if yes want to create a note on the fly, need to jump to the mobile menu of the air control or to the app drawer to access the Notes app – well, no.

The S Pen is based on ease and comes with a myriad of shortcuts. One of these is the ability to instantly open a new pop-up reminder without the effort mentioned above. All you need to do Double tap on the Galaxy Note 9 screen holding down the S Pen button . Voil, the reminder opens on top of any app you've opened!

5. The alarm sounds

One of the most necessary S Pen features, called Alarm, has been available to Galaxy Note users for some time. designed for alert users when they forget to insert the handy-dandy stylus in his cavity on the device and start walking.

You can activate the Alarm option under the settings menu 'Advanced features> S Pen' to enable this feature, which I suggest you do immediately after configuring the device.

6. Connections of the aerial control

Last but not least, you can still customize 'Air Command' shortcuts to add or remove apps and features like Smart Select, Screen Write, Live Message, Translate and more in the floating menu that shows the removal of the S Pen (also customizable) from its cavity on the Galaxy Note 9.

You can see in the screenshot above that I have added our app and Sketch in the Air Command menu because it is important to keep up with the latest news in the world and let your creative juices flow. Not true?

So, as you may have already understood, the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 9 is more powerful than ever and comes in tow with a myriad of customization options. And since you've learned the secrets behind the S Pen, your Jedi workout is now complete and you're ready to use the S Pen to its fullest potential.

What is your favorite feature of the new S Pen? Do you think we missed some customization options? If so, let us know in the comments below.