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How IGTV works on Instagram: the challenge to YouTube

The Facebook app Instagram ready to challenge openly the vibrant and established community of video creators using YouTube. The challenge began, with the launch of IGTV, the new video container within Instagram, which introduces some new features such as long lasting video and the possibility of looking at them vertical direction. It's already online and if you don't know how IGTV works, read on to find out.

Last Wednesday, the company that manages the social sharing of images, officially launched a new vertical video portal called IGTV, which marks one of the biggest changes in the history of this social media.

IGTV the new hub that will allow people to post videos of maximum duration of one hour and at this stage is trying to encourage users to open new video channels, challenging and invading a territory that is not their own, successfully occupied by YouTube. The news that the videos can be viewed in vertical format, the native format of smartphones, made popular for the first time by Snapchat.

How IGTV works

The new Instagram video adventure was announced Wednesday at an event in San Francisco, where the Co-Founder & CEO Kevin Systromhe also announced that the social media now has more than a billion users.

"How we look is changing rapidly, but what we are looking at is also changing"Said Systrom.

IGTV you can find it already implemented in the Instagram app, identifiable with its icon positioned in the top bar, next to Direct. It is also a stand-alone application, where users will be able to watch videos vertically in full screen on all smartphones. This feature was first tested by many hundreds of collaborators with whom Instagram collaborated in this phase before the official launch on the platform. Now you can also enjoy this feature and Instagram when you log in for the first time welcomes you and invites you to share your videos or watch those of your friends.

How IGTV works welcome

"At the moment, we are focused on engaging and there will still be no announcements in IGTV "He said Systrom, adding that it sees an interesting opportunity for video creators to monetize in the future through their followings, similar to what is already happening on YouTube.

Teenagers are glued to their smartphones, and 95% of them have access to a phone, 45% of them declare, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center, to be online "almost constantly". Among the teenagers interviewed, 85% said they use YouTube and 72% said they used Instagram, followed by Snapchat at 69%.

The popularity of Instagram among the youngest is important for Facebook, which has recently lost part of its appeal among teenagers. Three years ago Facebook was used by 71% of teenagers and was the favorite social network, according to Pew. Now down to 51% based on the latest survey in 2018, with only 10% of teenagers reporting that the most used social media platform.

Instagram's entry into the video industry comes five years after the app debuted on the platform with i 60 second video. It also arrives when the parent company Facebook makes a big bet on videos, with its platform of Facebook Watch, in which the company paid video creators for long-term exclusive content.

How IGTV works Instagram

Systrom stated that IGTV managed by a small team, but noted that the company would form its own team of moderators to ensure that the contents of the new platform adhere to the rules of Instagram.

How IGTV works on Instagram

Now let's see how IGTV works and how it works. After downloading the latest version of Instagram on iOS or Android and opening it, by clicking on the IGTV icon located in the bar at the top of the screen, you will immediately see a video open. In the lower part of the screen you will have the possibility to select between different sections, scrolling with the finger the last videos that will be proposed For you from the social. Or to watch videos shared by People you follow, but this section is still empty. And finally, you will be able to see the videos Popular, those most viewed by users. The small wheel is also placed in the foreground and clicking on it will ask youCreate a Channel to start sharing videos on IGTV too.

How IGTV works copy links

While watching a video, you can write your comment or send it to your friends. If you open the menu indicated by three dots, you can copy the linkof the video you're looking at in the clipboard and attach it to an email or other social media to share it with whoever you want. In this sectionReport also a Spam or report if it is a inappropriate video.

The procedure of very simple operation, it is only necessary to wait for the reaction of the users. With IGTV a novelty on Instagram was introduced that could have unexpected developments. What do you think about it?

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