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Hard Reset Oneplus 6 and reset to factory settings

If you are one of the users who bought the flagship Oneplus smartphone and you notice that your phone has become slow or you have forgotten your phone password, or there are problems with fingerprints, in this case, the only solution is to make a Hard Reset Oneplus 6 to solve these problems. In this article, we will explain how to restore the Oneplus 6 factory settings, in order to have your smartphone in its original state, as if you had just purchased it.

The Hard Reset process on OnePlus 6 is an operation that restores the hardware settings of the phone to the state it was in before it was sold. You would like to avoid this operation, because it involves a total deletion of the data, so you will have to reinstall all the apps again and upload the necessary data. But sometimes it is an inevitable choice, as for the reasons we list below:

  • Corrects continuous crashes – Eliminate viruses
  • Restore settings to the state prior to errors
  • When deletes Contacts stored in the device
  • When deletes files from the device
  • When you make intensive use of the device by accumulating considerable amounts of junk files and more?.

Hard Reset Oneplus 6

NOTICE: before starting a Hard Reset on OnePlus 6, you need to back up your personal data on your phone. Restore the phone to factory settings, necessary in the cases we saw before, involves deleting the device files, but this can be avoided by storing them first on an external device.

Factory reset OnePlus 6:

  • Go to the main menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap Backup and Restore.
  • Select the factory data reset.
  • Select Telephone reset if you want to erase all data in the phone's internal memory.
  • Tap Erase everything.
  • Very well! Factory reset just finished.

Hard Reset OnePlus 6 in Recovery mode:

  • First off, shut down OnePlus 6.
  • Then, hold together for 10 seconds: Volume down + power button.
  • Now release the pressed keys when the OnePlus logo appears on the screen.
  • Enter your PIN lock to unlock the device.
  • Next, select "wipe data and cache?Using the Volume buttons to navigate and the power button to confirm.
  • Then select "erase everything (music, pics, etc)"And confirm the entire operation.
  • The device reset procedure will begin.
  • Upon completion, press "reboot?To restart the device reset to the factory settings.

As we said, with this procedure you will have deleted all the data on the phone, so I hope you have made the backup. Now you can reinstall everything you think is necessary.

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