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Happy Birthday Network! The Web is 25 years old

On March 12 the Web celebrates 25 years. It was 1989 when Mosaic arrived: the first browser that changed the way people use the Internet.

On March 12 the Web celebrates 25 years. It was 1989, the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the web was preparing to bring down many other walls. Before the launch of Mosaic, the first Internet browser invented by Tim Berners-Lee, the Internet was a difficult place to attend, only for real technicians. The Internet existed before 1989, but the Mosaic browser allowed anyone with a PC to browse it . First we use the BBS (Bullentin Board System) or the (do you remember them?). The arrival of the browser changed everything and transformed the Internet, from a complicated place to exchange files between enlightened nerds, to a new continent of communication. has changed the Web and weigh that the first html page ever published online and has its charm can be found here

a simple explanation of what the Web is. For the whole world (or almost) the Internet has been a positive innovation (it has convinced 90% of people) and also the technology that people would never want to give up (46%) according to a research by Pew Reserch Center, cell phones (44%) and television (35%) come second, so Happy Birthday Web, what will you reserve for the next 25 years?