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Half day off-line

Half day off-line logomacitynet1200wide 1

As many know, all of our online editorial thanks to a series of flat contracts of Edi & Sons, moreover, the Perugian provider also hosts MacProf pages and services; tomorrow, Edi & Sons will change premises, in the new location all services will be enhanced, both with better connectivity for resident machines, and for those who, like us, use their web connectivity services. This improvement for some hours of discomfort: MacProf will be unavailable from 5 am tomorrow and probably for the whole morning will not be reachable, similarly some updates of Macity may not be timely, many of our editors, in fact, can not be on- line. We apologize in advance for minor outages, Macity will still be online tomorrow and we hope that, in the new location, MacProf is even faster to consult.

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