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Guide to start Wii Games from USB / SD Loader 1.5

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<p>Updates for<strong>USB / SD Loader</strong> to load ISOs of Nintendo Wii games directly from a <strong>USB device</strong> or from a memory card<strong> SDHC </strong>(SD high capacity).</p><div class=

We had talked about it previously with a mini-guide and some of the most frequently asked questions. In this post you will find all the files needed to make the version 1.5 and upload games directly from Windows (without use the command line) with WBFS Manager.

WARNING! To use the USB / SD Loader you must have the HomeBrew Channel and have performed the software modification procedure for example following our Wii Software Modification guide.

UPDATE! New GX USB Loader – Video Guide – RECOMMENDED!

1 – Required files

Download this pack with the new version of the cIOS36 (rev10) and the USB / SD Loader 1.5. Download the file IOS36-64-v1042.wad for the installation of the new cIOS. If you can't / don't want to download the .wad, read the end of point 2.

Put the IOS36-64-v1042.wad file in the root of the SD card and unpack the pack into the Apps /

2 – cIOS installation

Start the HomeBrew Channel and install the new one cIOS36 rev10 by pressing on the menu item. No need to uninstall the old cIOS … all files will be overwritten and updated. If you don't have the file IOS36-64-v1042.wad at the time of installation of the cIOS rev10 choose Network Install instead of Wad Install (you necessarily need the internet connection on the Wii).

3 – Formatting partition / harddisk / pendrive and adding ISO images

To make theUSB / SD Loader 1.5 can read the ISO images of your games from the device, the latter must be formatted with the file system WBFS (Wii Backup File System).

Download the WBFS Manager 2.2 which works as a graphical interface on Windows. Connect the device you want to use to load games and format it using the program by choosing the drive letter that Windows has assigned to the device.

Once formatted, you can always load ISO images with WBFS Manager which will also show you the available space and the list of previously loaded games.

4 – Load games with USB / SD Loader 1.5

At this point, connect the device to the Wii console and start the USB / SD Loader 1.5 via the HomeBrew Channel.

You will find a list of all games loaded with the possibility of choosing which one to start. Loading