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Google preserves voice commands: here's how to listen to them again

Curiosity: if you would like to listen to the voice searches carried out over time, you can

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It can be fun. The voice commands you make with Google Now – with the cry of "Ok, Google" – they do not disappear. Indeed, I am at your disposal for any listening. The recordings, in fact, are saved on a server and remain there for quite some time. By logging in after authentication, you can decide what to do with your tracks: if you listen to them again – if you really like them, you might think of a remix – or delete them.

As always, online, the rule of trust applies: anyone who fears that information is managed in some way, better than not using the service at all.

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Google Now boasts an integration with over 70 applications. Originally born for Android, the intelligent voice assistant also available on iOS, with a special app, and in the desktop version.


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