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Google Play Music on offer for families, to chase Apple Music and Spotify

The new field of challenge between streaming services is that of the Family plan: while the first free subscriptions end, the proposal of Google Play Music has arrived

Google Play Music for Families

15 dollars (or euros) per month for 5 or 6 people, to have 30 and pass millions of songs available. Streaming the present of music. And the ground where the various Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Apple Music struggle to make sure the future is to convert trial / free subscriptions into paid subscriptions. Within this field, the battle is focusing on Family plan: multi-user passes at (almost) shabby price.

Google's newcomer, a new offer from Google Play Music All Access has been announced: 5 people at $ 15 a month, or 50% more than a regular premium subscription, which is valid for one person and costs 10 dollars (or euros).

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This is the umpteenth Google marketing move to fight Apple Music, the Cupertino streaming service. A week before the launch of the competitor, which took place last June 30, Google had announced a free version of its service. Apple Music had made the Family Plan (6 users at $ 15 / euro) one of its most appreciated features. And Google directly challenges it by offering a similar offer, announced the day before the end of the first three-month free passes, which begin to expire in October.

Baster at making Google Play Music All Access interesting? Definitely no. One of the hardest criticisms of Apple was that it was not innovative in the service, of chasing competitors like Spotify. Basically, in music streamingGoogle runs after the chases, with a very wide offer, but also a little disorganized, if not confused.

In the Google Play Music All Access subscription, in addition to streaming music, access to the YouTube Music Key is also included, the service that takes away advertising from YouTube and makes it usable offline on Android. That for still in beta for an indefinite period (it was supposed to end in May), and it is not clear that the future will have a new video-music offer.

In short, the only true condition for choosing Google Play Music All Access that you have an Android phone / tablet, you prefer an offer integrated to Google services and you want / need to share the listing with someone.

Throughout this panorama, the strongest offer remains that of Spotify, for interface, app availability, catalog and brand perception and number of subscribers. The Swedish streaming, which yesterday announced a (small) partnership with Google to make its service work on the new Chromecast Audio (which send music from the phone to the speakers), still timid on the Family plan: it offers only a subscription for 15 euros for two people. But the answer will soon come from Sweden, no doubt. For everyone, at this stage, it is better to count a few more subscribers, even in exchange for a few dollars.


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