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GEORGE, "remote" docking system by CHS for iPod

Characterized by soft lines and a solid and compact appearance, the docking system produced by Chestnut Hill Sound. can remember the Apple Hi-Fi, both for the predominance of the smooth lines, and for the frontal positioning of the speakers and the housing of the dock connector on the upper side.

george command

Equipped also with AM / FM radio (and digital clock with built-in alarm), it has a Bandless system, exclusive to CHS, able to facilitate research and tuning of radio programs through interests and themes, rather than through a simple search by band of frequency.

The most interesting aspect is the control panel on which all the commands available for the system reside: in fact it is possible to select the radio transmission channels, set the alarm and access all the iPod functions, all through a convenient knob, which serves as the by click-wheel, and four other function keys.

Possibilities also guaranteed by the fact that the system can automatically synchronize with the iPod, once the latter is inserted into the dock connector. Once the synchronization is complete, the integration between iPod and George will offer complete control over the contents of the Apple device, all with the aid of a large display showing the usable men.

A further and interesting possibility offered by this faceplate is to be able to "unhook" from its housing inside the George, to be used just like a true wireless radio control. It will therefore be possible to physically move away from the hi-fi system, always having at hand all the commands and functionalities available.

In addition, the front panel / radio control other to its natural housing on the front of the audio system, has its own base to keep it in charge: while the iPod remains charged inserted on the base dock of the body of the George, the charge of the radio control will be secured by its base, which can be connected to the mains socket. The base will be sold bundled with the George, but the hi-fi will still be available without a recharging base, paying a lower amount.

George compatible with all versions of iPod with click-wheels; you can still connect the older versions of iPod, iPod shuffle (and other audio devices) through an additional line-in. In these latter cases, the features offered by the control device will not be exploitable. Finally, it is possible to connect George with your home system, so as to further enhance the sound performance of the CHS docking system.

George will be available for purchase after its official launch directly on the CHS website at a price of 549 Dollars for the version without a recharge base, or 599 Dollars with a recharge base.