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Fox deals with Apple for movies on iTunes

Fox deals with Apple for movies on iTunes logomacitynet1200wide 1

Fox could be the second Hollywood production company to sign an agreement with Apple for the distribution of films on the iTunes Store. To reveal the negotiations between Apple and the company that refers to Rupert Murdok was Peter Chernin, Chief Operating Officer of the company that refers to Rupert Murdoch

During the report to the fiscal quarter that took place yesterday evening, Chernin did not provide significant details on the ongoing discussions, merely stating that the dialogue continues in a positive manner and that the opportunities that an agreement would provide are occurring to the two parts. The details still to be arranged would still be different before reaching the signing of the contract.

Fox, probably the studios with the most impressive library, would add to Disney that for now Apple's only partner in the adventure that left last September. For example, all the Star Wars films that are currently the most popular feature on the big screen are produced by Fox.

As noted, the expansion of the iTunes Store catalog represents the main challenge facing Apple. Several movie houses seem very reluctant to sign an agreement with Cupertino. The fear is to open the door to piracy but also to displease important partners such as Wal Mart and Target, which collect well over 50% of DVD sales in the US and are firmly opposed to strengthening Apple's position. Several analysts, however, have predicted that at least one other studio could join Disney soon, probably just after Christmas.

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