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For Zune up to five downloads for songs

For Zune up to five downloads for songs logomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft tries to hit Apple in its weak points, including those that provoke protests from users. This is what one may think by learning that the Redmond company will allow you to download songs purchased on its online music store up to five times.

The choice of Microsoft, in practical terms, means that if you lose the music purchased from your store or have for any reason (including breaking a hard disk for example) the need to download it again, you will not need to contact a technical assistance service as it happens if the music is bought on the iTunes Store.

Precisely the need to carry out a complicated procedure (the outcome of which is not guaranteed at all) to regain the songs bought from the iTunes Store, one of the sources of greatest discontent regarding the music sales policy of the Apple store.

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