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Fonera 2.0 WiFi Router – Open Software – USB

For the uninitiated, the "fon" movement consists of a community of people who share their broadband connection via wireless through router "the fonera" with other members of the community, called foneros. To join the fon community, you need to buy the router and make your own available broadband connection.

The advantage that it has, the possibility of connecting to the over 80,000 wireless access points all over the world in a totally free way. You can consult the map of access points by connecting to the site

The new version of "La Fonera 2.0"Has a door USB 2.0 and uses completely open source software … this gives developers the opportunity to write and share a large number of programs. By connecting a hard disk or a USB stick / SD card you have the possibility to download torrents, rapidshare / megaupload files, youtube movies, etc. directly to the external device.

The road to many possibilities and the hacker community was already very active with the previous version of the router … so we just have to wait!

The cost quite high (49) but they won't be late in coming out "discount code"To have it at a significantly lower price. Continue to follow us for any discount codes and for the detailed features of thehardware he was born in software once the little jewel will be in our hands 🙂