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Fireball FP-1, a super iPod docking system with TV control

The dock system offered by Escient is in all respects a television system for the management of music libraries. The device has a compact size, 20.5cm x 13cm x 4 cm, with a dock base positioned on the upper side. Like all Fireball systems, the FP-1 features video outputs, in particular a composite video output, to which is added the S-Video alternative. A stereo analog audio output and a digital audio output complete the line-out.

It will be enough to insert the iPod in the FP-1 dock connector and you will be able to manage your music directly on the TV, through the remote control supplied with the Escient product. You will be able to navigate inside the music library, view information on discs and tracks according to various options and selection menus.

The FP-1 Fireball reads most of the most popular audio formats, specifically PCM, MP3, FLAC, WMA and AAC, including songs purchased on the iTunes Store and protected by DRM. Thanks to the Ethernet connection, the device can be connected to any Mac (or PC) to directly listen to the music stored on the computer; or connect, via the controls displayed on the TV, to any Fireball server, to listen to music in streaming.

The package includes an ethernet cable, an audio / video connection cable, the power cable and the remote control. The Escient docking system compatible with first and second generation iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod video and any iPod with a color display.

The price of the FP1 Fireball of 599.99 Dollars in the USA. It is distributed in Italy by MARANTZ ITALY: we do not know at the moment the price in our country.

FP1 for iPod