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Exaggerated iPhone 11 Pro: with Caviar 24K gold and prices up to $ 142,000

There is no end to the worst. This is one of the first thoughts that can come to mind when looking at the latest creation of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max made by Caviar.

If the gold variants announced at the beginning of October with prices up to over 28 thousand euros seemed exaggerated, you will soon change your mind. The company specializing in luxury products has in fact announced new variants of the top range Apple products dedicated to the Nativity, to Mike Tyson and Marilyn Monroe. There's something for everyone.

I think Christmas Star Diamond is obviously made in 24K gold and is available in a single copy. The price? It starts from over 130 thousand iPhone 11 Pro, to over 142 thousand dollars of the Max variant – both with 512GB memory slots. Here are some pictures.

Definitely more (so to speak) the selling prices of the versions dedicated to the myth of the box and the Hollywood actress, which arrive respectively at $ 6,720 it's at just under $ 6,300.

(updated December 18, 2019, 10:30 am)