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Edit photos online with

What you point out is a site that offers various services to modify and create various fun effects to your photos, in addition the same site allows you to have your own albums and share your photos online.

Here is an example of what you can do with your photo:edit photos online with

The site is divided into sections and allows not only to do the edit photos online but also of edit photos online with various effects. List the various sections of the online services that are offered and what they allow you to do:

    • Online Photo! EditorOnline photo editor, allows to edit photos, to apply artistic effects, corrections, improvements, to add text is watermark.

    • Funny Photo! Create funny pictures with your own photos. Use your own photo in various environments and objects, insert photos into special and simple frames, use the image of your face on other bodies. Some effects use automatic face recognition, in which case it is recommended to use good quality photos, and with some effects it is possible to insert more than one photo.

    • Photo Avatar! Create avatars with various effects (Change facial expressions, collages, bizarre filters, effects of animated masks, animated frames), some use automatic face recognition, in which case it is recommended to use good quality photos.

    • Cartoon Photo! Turn a normal photo into a photo photo in cardboard / comic style.Change facial expressions, for example to make a person's face sad in a smiling expression.

    • Enhance Photo! Per adjust the characteristics of your photo: correction of brightness, temperature of color, removal disorder, removal blur, adjustment saturation, removal Red eyes.

    • Makeup Photo! To make the photo of a person similar to those seen on magazine covers. Allows you to perform a eye and skin makeup, whiten teeth, remove imperfections and add a special touch to the photo by adding a slight effect of focus. All effects are performed automatically, just upload the photo and the game done!

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