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Download Videolan VLC latest version 0.9.9

I update you today with the release of the latest version of VLC Videolan, the famous media player that for lightness, quality and compatibility, now used by most of the people of the network and not. We are getting closer to version 1.0, which will surely bring new features, so this at least of the 0.x.x version should be the most stable, with most bugs fixed. Since the first free copy of this software was distributed, the downloads have surpassed 50 million; was developed for both Windowns, MAc Os X and Linux platforms.

The bugs fixed in this new version are the following:

  • Possibility of viewing videos in Full Screen on multiple screens;
  • Buglibxml2 correction> = 2.7.3;
  • More video performances of the program On Intel-based Macs
  • Update of various decoders for the Windows version, including an experimental native decoder for Real Video in version 3.0 and 4.0 using FFmpeg

You just have to try it!

Download Videolan VLC