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Disney, half a million movies sold on iTunes

Disney seems to have made a good deal with the distribution of films through the iTunes Store. In a couple of months, in fact, the Cupertino store has sold half a million titles, contributing to the budget of the house of Mickey Mouse for 4 million dollars. To provide the figures that testify as Apple's strategy is starting to work, it was Disney itself during the quarterly report presented yesterday.

The figures exposed to the press and analysts are considerable. Half a million films sold in two months mean about 9000 films sold per day, which is by no means contemptible if we consider that the service available only in the United States, with a vast catalog of titles and between these two blockbusters like Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean 'The Phantom Chest, they are not counted because they arrived only a few days ago. In addition to this it must also be considered that the movie sales service, for highly technological reasons, is certainly not available to everyone, given the bandwidth required to download a file of that size.

Disney thinks that the online movie sales service is destined, in any case, to grow further. The forecasts are for 50 million of turnover within the 12 months.

Recall that at the time Disney is still the only Hollywood studio to have an agreement for the distribution of films via iTunes. Apple could soon add more titles if the negotiations, officially underway, with Fox were to go through. Another factor to increase the service will certainly be iTv, which will allow you to watch movies without having to sit in front of the computer. Finally it must be remembered that within the next year Apple will extend the sale of films also outside the USA, arriving in at least some of the countries where today there are online music stores.