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Difference between base and diluted EPS

The research is a calculated survey that provides a basis for decision making. It can be understood as the study undertaken by an individual or entity systematically, to find solutions to the problems under consideration. Survey or experiment are conducted to gather information according to the objectives. Based on utility, the research is divided into two categories, namely basic and applied research, in which the basic research is that which adds further knowledge to actual knowledge.

On the contrary, applied research involves research that is put into practice and useful for solving practical problems. This article could help you understand the difference between basic research and applied research.

Comparative graph

Basis for comparisonBasic researchApplied research
Sense Basic research refers to the study that aims to expand the existing scientific knowledge base. Applied research is research designed to solve specific practical problems or answer certain questions.
Nature Theoretical Practical
utilities universal Limited
Worried with Develop scientific knowledge and forecasts Technology and technical development
Objective To add some knowledge to the existing one. To find out the solution to the problem in question.

Definition of basic research

Basic research or otherwise called pure or fundamental research, which focuses on the advancement of scientific knowledge for a complete understanding of a topic or of certain natural phenomena, mainly in the natural sciences. In a nutshell, when the knowledge acquired for reasons of knowledge called basic research.

Completely theoretical basic research, which focuses on basic principles and test theories. It tends to understand the fundamental law.

Basic research concerns the generalization and formulation of the theory on human behavior. aligned to the collection of information that has a universal applicability. Therefore, basic research helps to add new knowledge to existing knowledge.

Definition of applied research

Applied research can be defined as a research that includes the application of the real life of natural sciences. directed towards providing a solution to specific practical problems and developing innovative technology.

In more fine terms, research that can be applied to real-life situations. Study a particular set of circumstances so as to relate the results to the corresponding circumstances.

Applied research includes research that focuses on certain conclusions that have a business problem. Furthermore, the research that is aligned towards the ascertainment of social, economic or political trends is also called applied research.

Key differences between basic and applied research

The following points explain the differences between basic and applied research:

  1. Basic research can be explained as a research that seeks to expand the already existing scientific knowledge base. On the contrary, the applied research used to indicate the scientific study that is useful for solving the problems of real life.
  2. While basic research is purely theoretical, applied research has a practical approach.
  3. The applicability of the major basic research in applied research, in the sense that the former is universally applicable while the latter can be applied only to the specific problem, for which it was carried out.
  4. The main concern of basic research is the development of scientific knowledge and forecasts. On the other hand, applied research emphasizes the development of technology and technology with the help of basic science.
  5. The fundamental objective of basic research is to add knowledge to the existing one. On the contrary, applied research aimed at finding a solution to the problem under consideration.


The type of search may vary depending on the level of research and its purpose. Basic research on applied research can be chosen when the purpose is to add certain scientific knowledge, whereas when it is important to identify an adequate solution to the problem in question, applied research is preferable.