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Cases for the red iPod from Marware

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Marware presented two new cases dedicated to the iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED. This is the Sport Grip and the Sportsinter Sprinter.

While the first case is a simple red silicone case (with slots for connecting the USB cable and the headphone jack), the second an interesting "system" to hold the iPod when using it during physical activity. In practice it is a case with a sort of buckle that, once the player is in hand, passes over the back of the hand itself, ensuring the device that does not run the risk of escaping during the journey. The Sprinter Sportsuit can also become a belt buckle thanks to a special attachment.

In the version for iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED built with red translucent material and red inserts to match the player thanks to the sale of which funds are obtained in favor of the fight against AIDS

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