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Broken telephone chains.

Formally called "unbundling of the local loop" but more simply is the complete liberalization of telephone cables (so-called "last mile" included) also for "alternative" operators such as Infostrada, MCI Worldcom, Colt, Albacom and others they bring home their copper wire (where no fiber optic, like FastWeb) and that much "emmental effect" they have created in the last few years in the streets of our cities.

Infostrada, a former Olivetti company, former Mannesmann, former Vodafone-Airtouch and now a sister company of Wind (mainly Enel) was the first to offer this possibility to private individuals.

The chronicles say that a thirty-two year old Milanese is the first non-Telecom Italia user to have used this news (postponed in its natural deadlines several times, so far), that is, it will no longer have to prefix the phone number with the 1055 prefix.

It is a tough struggle that is expected to grab the largest number of telephony customers and consequently (often) Internet.

In recent days the new advertising spot for the Luxembourgian Tele2, which fully applied comparative advertising (finally legal in Italy for several months), had been stopped because (perhaps) too comparative, but it seems that it has been sufficiently sweetened not to offend anyone anymore and therefore ready to land on our television screens.

However you think, that the competition benefits everyone (users and service providers) is a fact, so we rejoice.