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Apple: record sales and above expectations for the first quarter of 2007

During the month of January Apple will communicate the official results of the first fiscal quarter of 2007, meanwhile the authoritative market research and analysis company Goldman Sachs has communicated to its customers some results of an analysis related to Apple sales that concerns precisely this period.

Analyst David Bailey predicts better-than-expected profits for Apple that bring revenue per share from $ 0.78 per share to the current 0.79. An increase in the order of hundredths but once again testifies to the excellent market trend for the Apple, which not only managed to meet the already high objectives established internally but was able to even overcome them, as well as the companies' forecasts of research.

So in the upcoming official communications from Apple, the Goldman Sachs analyst expects a declaration about the total Mac sales of 1.8 million units, of which 1 million and a hundred thousand units consist of portable systems, MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Bailey also announces that the extremely positive trend in sales concerns both Macs and iPods, all of which turn into a significant increase in expected gross revenues, which go from the previous 28.25 percent to the current forecast of 28.6 percent .

The considerable demand for Apple products has also had another effect: one or more of the main suppliers and manufacturers, again according to Goldman Sachs, has dedicated more resources and production capacity to build Apple devices, diverting it from other areas.

After analyzing sales and market trends, the Goldman Sachs analyst ventures into some interesting predictions for the imminent Macworld and for the related launch of new products by Apple.

The most popular product, for Goldman Sachs but also for many other research companies and industry gurus, without a doubt the iPod video. This time it is not a question of a simple update or refresh of the existing model, but a full-screen and innovative device. In short, the first and true iPod video that the market and enthusiasts have been waiting for a long time.

The second launch obviously planned for the legendary iTV, the digital media center in the living room. According to analyst Bailey, the presentation of this innovative device will allow Apple to create a new source of revenue and, at the same time, push the sales of the new video iPod further.

Finally it seems that the much-discussed iPhone will not see the light in the first quarter of 2007: much more likely Apple will present the iPod phone to the world in April, with launch or presentation in the second quarter. The Goldman Sachs analyst also declares that Cupertino in negotiations with various suppliers to establish the nature and characteristics of the iPhone but in these days it is not yet clear which will be Apple's final choice.

The analyst's conclusion is that he expects a short-term rise in Apple shares, in practice advising his clients to buy shares of the Apple before Macworld.

[Edited by L. M. Grandi]