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Apple Music, the free trial expires: here's how to unsubscribe

Today the free 3-month streaming service ends. From tomorrow you pay 9.99 euros a month, unless you follow some easy instructions

Apple Music Renewal

Attention, then don't say we didn't warn you: today Apple Music's temporary free trial service expires. Cupertino in fact launches its new music stream on June 30th, with the promise of 90 days free for those who signed up.

Now, for those who do not want to continue, perhaps because of the many doubts that raised the Apple service, for those who want to opt for the competition, the time to cancel their membership, otherwise the monthly withdrawal of ? 9.99 will start automatically from the credit card associated with the Apple account.

To cancel the registration correctly, follow this path: open the Music app, enter the user profile page (the head icon at the top left), then on View Apple ID> Subscriptions / Manage and finally disable the last item below, Automatic Renewal. Better to do it twice, for safety.

If you have also signed up after June 30th, you will have the opportunity to remember when the 3-month trial ends.


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