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Android device management: find lost smartphone

Losing your smartphone takes a moment, and panic, in this case, is king. But if you keep calm and carefully follow the steps in this guide, you will see how to make the most of the function Android device management to find your device again. Have you lost your smartphone too and don't know how to proceed to find it? Don't worry, because I'll show you how to locate Android devices, how to make them sound, how to block them at a distance and delete sensitive data to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Note: if you are anxious to find the lost smartphone, you must adhere to some rules to make it work. In order to use this feature, your smartphone must be associated with your Google account. So, the first thing to do, remember the Google login credentials so you can find your smartphone.

Android device management

Activate the function to localize Android devices and remote features

In order to manage Android devices, you need to open them correctly Settings from the smartphone "at risk" (so you have to act before losing it!) and open the menu Google (on some smartphones you can find alternativelyGoogle settings, available as an app); Scroll through the various items until you find Safety.Android device management

In the new window that opens you tap Android device management.Android device management

In the window that appears, make sure that the following items are activated:

  • Locate this device remotely
  • Allow remote blocking and cancellation

Below is an image with the two fundamental voices activated. Android device management

Now your smartphone is ready to be tracked if necessary. To improve the accuracy of the location I suggest you set High precision in the menu Geo-location.Android device management

Android device management: find smartphone from PC

To locate the lost or stolen smartphone after the configuration made in the previous section, only a PC and a web browser are required (an Internet connection is required).

Open the following link and log in with Google credentials, if necessary.

LINK | Find my device

After logging in you will be able to locate your smartphone in device management

Note: in order for the location to work the smartphone must be switched on and connected to an internet network (LTE, 3G or WiFi).

If your smartphone has been lost for a few minutes, you can still hope it sounds! Use the voice Play Audio to make it ring at a distance.Android device management

Android device management:locate Android devicesusing another device

Can't use a PC? Get an Android smartphone to borrow from a relative or friend (or use the backup smartphone) and download the Google appFind My Device.

DOWNLOAD | Find My Device

You will be asked whether to continue with the account already configured or to log in as a guest. If the smartphone you are using is enough for you to continue with your account; if the device you are using is not yours, use the guest mode to find the device management

You will get the location of the device (if on and connected); the options available are the same as those seen in the Web service: play sound, lock and delete.

Android device management: how to block Android phone or delete data

Do you think your privacy is at risk? You can lock the phone or delete data remotely. Use the web service or app that I reported to you in the previous sections of the guide and use one of the following commands:

  • Block: lock the device screen and show a message or a personalized phone number
  • Delete: this operation will erase all the data of the device, making even a future location impossible.

If you think that your smartphone is irretrievable, you can cancel your device to avoid providing third parties with important sensitive data about your life (or worse, passwords to access your services!).android device management

Safe Android device management?

Android device manager a good security method to recover a lost or stolen smartphone, but timing everything in these cases! If you have lost your smartphone for a few minutes you can still hope to intervene with Google tools and get a happy ending (smartphone recovery).

If more than 5-10 minutes have passed or the attacker has turned off the device, there is very little you can do even with Android Device Manager. Once finished in "expert" hands the device will be restarted in Recovery mode and will be reset quickly, losing any association with the old account (making it impossible to trace it via Google).

If you want to learn more about security and further protect your smartphone, I refer you to the following guide.

LINK | How to protect your Android smartphone from thieves