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An error called FireWire

An error called FireWire logomacitynet1200wide 1

FireWire? But what good is it? Plug and play still does not work, there are few DV cameras and even less VCR (only some very rare D-VHS models), at most the new PlayStation2 has IEEE 1394 ports, but what do you do with it? These are some of the considerations that can be read in a recent article published in EE Times. From Mac users we struggle to share these positions and we prefer to think that those who think so probably never used a Mac with a FireWire port to talk about non-existent plug and play, probably I am unaware that almost all the digital (non-broadcast) professional cameras, that is the DV (in vertiginous growth of sales and admirers), equipped with FireWire port and that this works excellently with mounting systems, even trivial -if you want – like iMovie.Forse who says that "few video recorders are equipped", of FireWire has taken inspiration from the thoughts that run in the royalties offices of the cinematographic majors (often coincide with the consumer electronics industries) that fear very much digital systems like FireWire that do their copying and editing work too well, even at home. The experts contacted for this invective against FireWire certainly don't have a FireWire burner, they don't have hard disk with FireWire interface, scanners, printers, etc. I am not even aware of the continuous development involving FireWire, such as, recently, Texas Instruments which brought the IEEE 1394 data stream to 40 MB / s. But who cares, excuse the brutality, if "you can't attack us anything interesting to the PlayStation2 ", maybe in the future Connectix will churn out another emulator as well for the second version of the Sony console (for the first one already there), the courts of California have already given them away in the past." The software is not very well functioning on the various FireWire peripherals ?says one of them who preside over important software houses! A phrase that speaks for itself: "People expected amazing innovations from this interface and instead nothing" is the comment of a producer of audio and video peripherals, or the sector that most benefited from FireWire. responsible of interconnection laboratory of Sony comes out of the chorus "at the beginning few have understood the value of IEEE 1394, it is bidirectional, and multichannel". At Panasonic they admit that they have not fully applied the standard (there is no other explanation, otherwise) and therefore "It is not said that products with Panasonic IEEE 1394 cannot communicate with products of other companies". The "religious wars" produce only damage, such as the 42 protocols currently in existence. Of course, according to the columnist, the solution is in another technical solution (perhaps those listed up to this point were not enough …), but we believe that if everyone had correctly applied the standard, FireWire could have grown very well even in a non-Mac environment (which already benefits from the FireWire solution), but we know that not a few things work badly in a non-Mac environment thanks to incompatibility between Firewire PCI cards and motherboards of a multitude of PC manufacturers. One tip: envy is a bad thing, buy a Mac that then passes you.

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