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All wrong, everything to be redone

All wrong, everything to be redone logomacitynet1200wide 1

A frontal attack on the way the process was conducted, the deductions that were drawn from the facts, the rules used. Ultimately, an attack on Judge Jackson and the entire indictment that led to the conviction. This is the essence of the first document submitted yesterday by Microsoft to the Court of Appeal in the context of the review of the judgment that led to the condemnation of the Redmond giant for the illegal exercise of the monopoly. they went for the subtle, trying to dismantle the reasons behind the conviction that according to Microsoft would come on the basis of a "prevention by Judge Jackson against Microsoft and its reasons". In addition to this Jackson would not have understood the "antitrust law and modified the rules to prove that Microsoft violated the rules. Being a monopoly does not mean breaking the law that prevents trusts ". Microsoft then pointed out once again some of its well-known positions in this regard, reiterating that including an Internet browser in Windows cannot be seen as an attempt to damage competition but to increase the functionality of the operating system. Finally, Redmond lawyers pointed out that even Jackson admitted that no one prevented Netscape from distributing its navigator, as claimed by the Government. The Redmond company in its document sought to bring the attention of the court of appeal on legal issues, rather than on facts as normally in the US the second level of judgment limits itself to verifying whether errors in the interpretation of the law or distortions that may affect the determination of the penalty are present in the first instance judgment. In case this happens, the case will most likely be sent back to the district court, which, just as probably, will no longer be presided over by Jackson. a document of his. The two sides will meet face to face only at the end of February.

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