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All the lies of Instagram photos

A photographer unmasks trendy shots on Instagram: what's behind it, and how much we lie when we publish our photos

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The editorial choices count, of course. How many of the photos would be posted on Instagram without the ad hoc cut that takes them out of context, favoring detail? This is shown by a photographer from Bangkok, Chompoo Baritone, who created a series of images to ironically explain the selection behind every shot published.

That vaguely hipster composition of objects on the bed, which if it were immortalized in its totality would return the picture of a disorder to say the least bohemian (and also this adjective put there to ennoble the reality, in fact). Or the vertical perfectly successful, with the help of a friend. The domestic greenhouse that in the Instagram shot seems to come from a furniture magazine, and instead just the part of a failed garden on a messy balcony. One shot "stolen" on the sidelines, while in practice, there are only others. And so on, to infinity.

The project, reported by PetaPixel, is titled #slowlife, and each image indicates what is used and published in the square frame of Instagram (graphically highlighted), with around what is assumed to be reality. To prove that the so-called "filters" are only part of the embellishment: editing starts much earlier.The brilliant idea, the laughter assured. And even a little embarrassed, for anyone with an Instagram profile.


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