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"Adagio": new Waitec recorder / player

"Adagio": new Waitec recorder / player logomacitynet1200wide 1

"Adagio" a new MP3 burner and player capable of transferring recordings made on any other source (analog or digital) to CD-R or CD-RW in MP3 format, making it possible to create Audio CDs by recording tracks from any source: an old vinyl record, an audio cassette, another CD … According to Waitec, this device is the first capable of recording CD-R and CD-RW audio and playing CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs with MP3 format ?and obviously audio standard (the traditional audio CD). The product includes a single CD-RW drive with Waitec mechanism and an MP3 encoder and decoder as well as an analog / digital converter. On the front of the device there is a display capable of monitoring all the active and available functions: playback / recording, type of format (CD / MP3), track number and title, track duration and remaining time and many others. recording quality MP3 can be selected by the user thanks to a remote control. "Adagio" equipped with built-in equalizer, analog input and output, additional USB / parallel interfaces and a system for writing and storing the titles of the tracks. The product should be available in a few days in Italy and the list price expected is 1,190,000 lire (VAT included).

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