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6Tribes, the iOS app based on digital tribes

Digital tribalism alive and well in the deisocial era network


Social networks have drastically changed our way of life: the novelty consists in the fact that today our connections do not take place in a limited space, such as a country or a city, but in virtual villages inhabited by small groups of people who share, comment, they exchange real and meaningful information. A report on quality-based relationships rather than on quantity, so as to construct a significant map of the mondobasata not on the connection of numbers, but on that of people.

With this premise, I speak to you today about 6Tribes, a new social networking app for iOS launched in Englandand founded on the anthropological need of people to join tribes based on common lifestyles and shared interests.

How does it work?Once registered with 6Tribes, the social network will analyze yours like on Facebook, the music on your smartphone and the places you have traveled to suggest the tribes that could be of interest to you.

On the platform there is not a single large community, but more than 100 tribes based on specific interests: from bicycle enthusiasts to fashion addicted up to hardened travelers.


You can choose to join one of the tribes, share your ideas and post any type of multimedia content. How about Reddit, you can vote for a post so that it is moved higher or down relentlessly.Everything you post in a tribe will remain exclusively in that tribe. In any case, if you want, you will have the opportunity to share your content even outside of 6Tribes: suisocial network, via Messenger, via email and text messages.

In the case in which you should not find the existing tribes interesting,you can create your own and invite anyone you want to be part of it:6Tribes analyze your Facebook friend lists to suggest people that might be suitable for your communitywill give you the chance to create content together with the other members of the tribe on a shared screen.

At the moment the app is only available in England and only for iOS, but the company is working to make it available in other cities too.

If you register on the site you can leave your e-mail and request receive a notification when the app is available in your city.


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