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6 paid apps for Android and iOS that you can download for free today

Android, iOS and even Windows Phone: every Store has its own apps, every Store has its own offers. These are the best of today

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You must find an address, choose the most convenient way to reach it or check the opening times of your destination? Do you want to organize the shopping list or have it delivered directly to your home? Not sure how to fool around while waiting for the bus and looking for a game or a pastime to inform or distract you? C an app for this. Indeed, think of it, c practically unapp for everything (or almost).

What is not always a free solution. Every day for the various stores they offer some of their own applications on offer, both in discount and free, and strictly for limited periods of time. Being able to grab them is not easy but certainly advantageous. Among the thousands of colored icons available, here are the ones you could add on the display this week.


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