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5 forecasts for Social Media in 2014

As Gianluca Diegoli says "there are social media, and they will remain. No one forced to use them, but companies must listen to them. Here are 5 forecasts for 2014

Making predictions always difficult, even more in a sector with a whirling evolution like social media. But the forecasts are more difficult and more useful. Of course, social media is becoming increasingly important for companies and businesses. As Gianluca Diegoli says Social media is there, and will remain. No one forced to use them, but companies must listen to them if they want to be there in the future. We have collected the most widespread forecasts among the most authoritative sources: from Forbes to LifeHacker, passing also through the Italian Ninja Marketing. According to the voice of the Network, these will be the trends:

1 – Investing in social media will be a necessity, not a luxury. Already in 2013 it was a necessity, but in 2014 everyone will realize that we need to go down from where we should to invest. Companies today see the real advantages of social media in terms of lead generation, traffic and turnover. The main benefits generated by social media for companies are the increase in Social Signals, which are fundamental for being well positioned in the rankings of search engines, to which it adds branding, digital word of mouth, loyalty and increase in audience size.

2 Google+ will become a fundamental element. Facebook will continue to dominate the scene in terms of the number of active users per month with its 1.15 billion people, but in second place is already Google+. Being active on big G's social media will be crucial, because it is increasingly integrated into Google's ranking logic. Among the most significant innovations is the direct link between the comments on videos on youtube and the pages of G +. Its unstoppable evolution and the great innovations that are about to arrive will put a strain on the innovative capacity of Facebook and Twitter. This opinion is widely shared also by the Italian Ninja Marketing

3- The rise of micro-videos. Even this evolution collects unanimous, not difficult consents: the success of Vine, of Instagram Videos and of many other emerging platforms says a lot. Instant, 3, 6 or 15 second video sharing spreads, no more. This also radically changes the approach of companies, the narration in a 6-second film must be radically different from those of 2 or 3 minutes, still children of the short film.

4 Ascent of LinkedIn. It already holds the absolute domain in social networks for professionals, the closest to managers and entrepreneurs. With its 238 million users, the only one that has been able to catalyze the business community of the world. But he didn't sit on his laurels. From a simple networking site to a content center where information is published and news is read. Being active on LinkedIn will bring significant benefits to those working in B2B.

5 Snap Marketing. One of the most disruptive (and least anticipated by the gurus) was the spread of Snap Chat that allows you to share images and videos that self-destruct after 10 seconds, leaving no trace on the servers. The great success must be well evaluated, there are millions of users who use this App for speed, privacy and great interaction. Snap chat has already made some tools available to brands like Snapchat Stories and others will come. The disposable social media will be a new wave.

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