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With Pioneer MT-01 music via electrical system

Music in all rooms without cables and without using wireless systems. Here is what Pioneer offers with the new Sound System Power Line MT-01, an elegantly designed audio system that transmits sound through the domestic electrical system avoiding the use of traditional speaker cables.

Pioneer Sound System Power Line MT-01 allows users to connect up to six specially designed Power Line Network speakers to an electrical outlet in different rooms and to listen to music played through the Sound Station, connected to a power outlet in a another room.

The domestic electrical circuit becomes the sound conduit, which carries music through the Sound Station from one electrical outlet to the other, in all the rooms in the house. The Sound Station can also be managed by remote control, using any of the main speakers.

The standard MT-01 system consists of a Sound Station, a large 2 x 25W Network Speaker and a small 5W speaker, with an ergonomic remote control the size of a key ring. The speakers, both large and small, are also available separately, to allow customers to configure a customized Power Line Sound System based on the requirements of their home.

The Sound Station has 5 inputs: two USB ports (type A and B), a front audio input and two analog inputs. Users can connect an iPod or a USB / flash memory stick, PC or even an already existing audio system and listen to music in different rooms.

The system allows playback from two sources in different rooms: the music played from a USB compatible device, in a room, and the music played from a second source, in another room.

The smaller speaker also features a sensor that automatically detects when to start playing music in a particular room.

The cost of the system of 499 euros.