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Wireless video from the iPod

Wireless video from the iPod logomacitynet1200wide 1

After the audio transmitters in the Fm band, there are also those for the Uhf band video. To present this original iPod accessory the Japanese Princeton.

The accessory designed, of course, for the 5G model, the only one capable of reproducing moving images. It is a small box with antenna and RCA input. Thanks to the adapter contained in the iPod you connect the player (which is called PCK-Uav) and at that point you can watch the video (and if you want even the photos) scroll on the iPod screen. To select the best possible image the transmitter has four selectable channels; switching on and off are controlled by the position of the antenna which, when put to sleep, suspends the power supply.

The target market is that of the "car-video", that is of the small televisions that various Japanese car manufacturers integrate into the cockpit. Also included in the package is an iPod holder.

The cost on the local Japanese market of about 60 euros. Given the characteristics it seems rather difficult that this type of product can land in Europe in a short time.

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