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What are Thumbs.db files in Windows … and how to delete them

Windows XP use the files Thumbs.db to store small previews (thumbnails) of images, videos and other types of files (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, AVI, PDF, PPT and HTML) in order to speed up the preview display in subsequent accesses to the folder containing these files.Thumbs.db in Windows XPWith modern computers, this should not be necessary Thumbs Cache which remains even if you want for example to compress your folder with WinRAR. The particularly annoying thing because Thumbs.db it is also created on shared folders on the network if write permissions are enabled. If used MacOSX or Linux your folders will probably be full of these files left around by Windows. Thumbs.db it remains even if you change the type of folder display to "list" or "details" and with a fair number of files, it even takes up a few MB.

The consequences of having this file do not end there; if you have modified an image by retouching a part with a graphics program, it is possible that the Thumbs.db file has cachato the "old" version of the file (the unmodified one) and to leave it publicly accessible means that a user is quite savvy (using for example dmthumbs ) will see the old version unmodified and find out in which parts the image has been modified.

To do so Windows XP do not memorize the preview of images or anything else, you can disable it for all the folders simply from the menu Tools -> Folder Options , tab viewing and putting a check mark on Do not store the previews in the cache memory.

how to delete Thumbs.db

At this point, we can search for "Thumbs.db"Throughout the hard disk and delete existing ones.

With Windows Vista, the cache for previewing images, not stored in the same folder that contains them but in a centralized location (% homedrive% Users% username% AppData Local Microsoft Windows Explorer). However, too Windows Vista SP 1, in the case of access to shared folders on other computers with write access, stores the file Thumbs.db in the folder itself and not in the centralized local location.