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Waitec LCD monitor

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"LCD SHINING" a new line of displays produced by Waitec, all with control buttons on the front panel and with settings that can be recalled via men multingue on video. The monitors are available in the 14/15 ? version (res.1024 × 768) and 17 ? (res.1280 × 1024). In the 15 ? version available in two color variants (white / black) there is also the "Pivot" feature that allows you to rotate the computer screen giving the possibility to those who work with systems desktop publishing to work in A4 format. Waitec monitors are equipped with removable pedestals (Standard VESA) and offer Tilt and Swivel functions for orientation optimization. Listed prices in our country are: 1.875.000 + VAT for the 14 ?, 2,265,000 + VAT for 15 ?, 2.390.000 + I.V.A. for the 15 ? with ?Pivot? functionality and 3,690,000 lire + I.V.A for the 17 ?.

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