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UPDAY, the news app for Samsung smartphones

The Korean producer and the German publisher Axel Springer are launching a service to read the news on the move. Here is Upday, the European response to Apple News


Berlin – Samsung responds to Apple, which officially launched Apple News with iOS 9. The Korean company has in fact announced a partnership with one of the major European periodical publishers, Axel Springer, to collaborate in the creation of services and tools for the use of journalistic content on the move through an application created exclusively for Samsung: UPDAY.

The application, launched in the days when the IFA electronics fair was held in Berlin, just entered the stage of betatesting exclusively for some Samsung phone owners in Germany and Poland: it will be an aggregated news content platform that will provide a daily news collection."UPDAY a special platform for Samsung users", Sandra Petersen, spokeswoman for Axel Springer, publisher who, among others, holds the rights to Die Welt and the Bild galaxy, explains to Wired."Our goal is to offer the best experience possible and ensure that users are up to date on what's happening in the world with the most important news of the day".

The "odd couple" Axel Springer / Samsung seems to have met on the common interest axis: "Samsung, one of the most innovative consumer electronics companies in the world and able to collaborate with an international and innovative technology company for Axel Spinger, a great opportunity", continues Petersen. We must also bear in mind that, in Germany, Samsung is the first postoperator for smartphone sales.

The app, free of charge, will not be pre-installed on Samsung smartphones, but it will involve interested users to download it from the store. The impression that UPDAY is seen by both companies as a sort of almost independent project and not as much as a "function" to be added to some smartphones to promote the contents of a single publisher. In confirmation of this, even if it is not clear which titles are included in the service, UPDAY will certainly not be an application to read exclusively the contents of the Axel Springer titles: "UPDAY open to all publications", Sandra Petersen tells us:"We are happy to link to the contents of the major news platforms as well as those of specific blogs".

Readers will be offered "Need to Know" news, made by a local editorial team, and other "Want to Know", aggregated on an algorithmic basis in relation to the preferences of individual readers and linking to the sites of the publications.

Hard not to think of Apple News, the other application created by the strange collaboration between a hardware manufacturer and publishers. UPDAY the European response to agreements between publishers and Cupertino? "With UPDAY we have created a mobile news platform that fits the needs of this mobile-centric era", comments Petersen. "Es. we think it has the potential to become a European response".

UPDAY and Apple News are however two slightly different projects: if the Cupertino initiative also proposes agreements on the division of advertising revenues, aiming to make Apple News the best place to be present journalistically and at an advertising level to reach Apple users in mobility ( and the decision to include the blocking of Safari ads with iOS 9 seems to go further in this direction), UPDAY instead the joint initiative of a publisher that launches a mobile service relying on a leading and strong technological partner in its main markets of reference.

With the numbers of the consumption of mobile news in constant growth, initiatives like UPDAY are destined to increase: the heaviest difference, however, will be made by the contents and, above all, the reading and use experiences, two crucial elements to retain customers the readers.


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